Long Island’s Most Beautiful Wedding Location’s History

A Venue with a View

Set in the scenic Atlantic Bay, The Lawrence Yacht & Country Club was primed for hosting events and celebrations of all sorts. The interior contained a restaurant with a bar, a cocktail room for private gatherings, and a ballroom for bigger occasions. Unfortunately, when hurricane Sandy hit, it left its mark on the beautiful grounds and even parts of the club itself. 

However, during a time of uncertainty and rebuilding, Michael Einhorn from The Royalton and Jem Caterers, stepped in and breathed new life in to the restaurant and ballroom and created a joint venture with the LYCC to run everything dealing with food and hosting. The property received a face lift and was given a new level of elegance, perfect for weddings and events both formal and casual. The Royalton in Lawrence was born.

“Old world elegance marries a tradition of excellence in catering that spans 50 years, together forming a union to make your Long Island Wedding a custom event, etched in memory.”


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